Michael Shayne Novels by Brett Halliday Now Available

We’ve just added ten of Brett Halliday’s famous Mike Shayne novels to our eBook collection! The books are the first ten in the incredibly popular P.I. series, and include Dividend on Death, The Private Practice of Michael Shayne, The Uncomplaining Corpses, Tickets for Death, Bodies Are Where You Find Them, The Corpse Came Calling, Murder Wears a Mummer's Mask, Heads You Lose, Michael Shayne's Long Chance, and Murder and the Married Virgin.

Miami-based Michael Shayne is at once a hardboiled private eye and a methodical, Nero Wolfe-esque classical detective. In the early books in the series, his tightly-plotted investigations are complemented by humorous episodes involving his wife, offering some relief as he tangles with all sorts of criminals, be they blackmailers (The Private Practice of Michael Shayne), scammy realtors (The Uncomplaining Corpses), or murderous politicians (Bodies Are Where You Find Them). Read them and get to know the the character the The New York Times called “one of the best of the tough sleuths.”

Brett Halliday was the pen name of Davis Dresser, who wrote over seventy-seven Mike Shayne novels and around three hundred short stories featuring the character. The series was incredibly popular, spurring twelve films, a two year television program, and numerous radio and theater pieces. After Dresser ceased writing the Shayne novels, numerous other writers continued the series under the Halliday moniker, including Dennis Lynds and Michael Avallone.

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