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Matthew McBrideFeatured Author

Matthew McBride is a former assembly-line worker from rural Missouri. His first novel was the cult hit Frank Sinatra in a Blender. His newest novel, A Swollen Red Sun, is now available as a paperback and an eBook. Daniel Woodrell called it "rough and ready suspense, encompassing a wide array of characters from the sour side of life, and smashing them together with vigorous and blunt prose." And Donald Ray Pollock said that "the words practically vibrate off the page in Matthew McBride's amped-up and intricately-plotted novel about meth freaks and dirty cops. Filled with scenes of both tremendous brutality and heartrending compassion, it is the best fictional depiction of the current drug epidemic raging across the Midwest that I have ever read." Todd Robinson said that "A Swollen Red Sun, simply put, is an epic piece of modern crime fiction." Click here to get it

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