Tour de Force by Christianna Brand

Tour de Force by Christianna Brand

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Inspector Cockrill’s dull vacation is jolted by a Mediterranean murder

From the moment he steps on the plane, Inspector Cockrill loathes his fellow travelers. They are typical tour group bores: the dullards of England whom he had hoped to escape by going to Italy. He gives up on the trip immediately, burying his nose in a mystery novel to ensure that no one tries to become his friend. But not long after the group makes landfall at the craggy isle of San Juan el Pirata, a murder demands his attention. 

The body of a woman is found laid out carefully on her bed, blood pooled around her and fingers wrapped around the dagger that took her life. The corrupt local police force, impatient to find a killer, names Cockrill chief suspect. To escape the Italian hangman, the detective must find out who would go on vacation to kill a stranger.

“A perfect evening’s entertainment. Seize at once upon Tour de Force.” - New York Times Book Review

“One of the great masters of English detective fiction.” - Francis M. Nevins, author of Cornell Woolrich

“[Brand] could construct puzzles with the best of them.” - Elizabeth George, author of A Moment on the Edge

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