The Will and the Deed by Ellis Peters

The Will and the Deed by Ellis Peters

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A dispute over a great diva’s will sets the stage for bloody vengeance

Antonia Byrne awakes in a splendid hotel room, and finds she isn’t alone. When she sees the circle of concerned faces surrounding her bed, she knows she’s going to die, but she intends to leave this world with a flourish. After all, she’s the greatest diva of her generation and has always known how to make an exit. But before she goes, Antonia needs to say goodbye to Richard, whom she has loved with a passion so fierce she never dared spoil it with marriage. She’s made a new will, and she wants Richard to take charge of her most valued treasure. He accepts, and she dies with laughter on her lips.

Returning to England, Antonia’s entourage is forced to make an emergency landing in the snowbound Alps, where the revelation of the new will leads to jealousy, betrayal, and a sweeping tragedy suited to the legacy of Antonia Byrne.

“A beguiling writer.” —The Daily Telegraph

“A cult figure of crime fiction.” —Financial Times

“Charm’s not usual in murder mysteries, but Ellis Peters’ stories are full of it.” —The Mail on Sunday

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