The Four Just Men by Edgar Wallace

The Four Just Men by Edgar Wallace

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The thrilling debut of the Four Just Men, the world’s most sophisticated vigilantes

In a time of turmoil and intrigue, with governments around the world buffeted by the winds of radical change, four men vow to do whatever it takes to ensure that justice prevails. They kill without remorse, their victims powerful men and women guilty of the vilest of crimes: rape, embezzlement, extortion, murder. Now the British foreign secretary finds himself in the crosshairs of Manfred, Gonsalez, Poiccart, and Thery—the newest member of the four and a man with a very special skill.

Sir Philip Ramon’s Aliens Political Offences Bill threatens to expel honest revolutionaries from the safety of England and return them to their corrupt native lands, where torture and death await. The Four Just Men publicly ask Ramon to withdraw the bill. When he refuses, they put their ingenious plan into action.

Edgar Wallace self-published The Four Just Men and bankrupted himself promoting it. One century later, it stands as one of the most innovative and influential thrillers ever written.

This ebook features a new introduction by Otto Penzler and has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

“Anyone today wishing to connect the legendary name with the master storytelling talent behind it would do well to pick up an Edgar Wallace thriller.” — Mystery Scene

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