Fog of Doubt by Christianna Brand

Fog of Doubt by Christianna Brand

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Inspector Cockrill is called in to solve the murder of a most unpopular Belgian

Few were disappointed when Raoul Vernet was found with his head bashed in, dead in a pool of his own blood. On vacation in England, the Belgian seducer comes to visit Matilda, an old flame from a few years before. She agrees despite suspicions that Vernet has been deploying his legendary charm on another member of the family: young Rosie, who has returned from her Swiss boarding school carrying a child.

None of the family members were in the house when Raoul was killed, but all were within a fog-choked London mile. Rosie calls in the brilliant Inspector Cockrill to clear the family’s name, but what he finds is a twisted clan of seven people, each as likely to laugh at a murder as commit one.

“A mystery in the classic Christie—Carr—Queen manner . . . an outstanding tour de force.” - New York Times

“Fog of Doubt is superbly tricky and meticulously deceptive; it is a classic suspense tale to be read slowly and reread often.” - The Guardian

“[Brand] was ready to jig endlessly with her pieces, to reject and replace until there was not a single gap that her reader would detect.” - H.R.F. Keating, author of Crime & Mystery: The 100 Best Books

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