Whirligig by Robert L. Fish

Whirligig by Robert L. Fish

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To keep his wife in furs, a smuggler sneaks a painting across the Spanish frontier

It is 1948, and few in Belgium live comfortably enough to haggle over payment—particularly those who make their living outside the law. Kek Huuygens is an exception. As far as his wife knows, this dapper gentleman is an art appraiser who moves in the finest circles. But although Kek knows all there is to know about art, he does not appraise it. He moves it—from one thief to another. Kek is the finest smuggler in Europe, and he charges accordingly. After all, his wife has expensive taste.

A miniature masterpiece by the Dutchman Frans Hals has gone missing from Sotheby’s. Kek has twenty-four hours to move it from Brussels to Madrid, avoiding all the police of Western Europe and a murderous thief who feels he has been double crossed. The job will make him a fortune—if he survives long enough to collect it.

“Sharply ingenious.” —The New York Times

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