The Killing Edge by Richard Forrest

The Killing Edge by Richard Forrest

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A female racecar driver gets wrapped up in an ice skater’s gruesome murder in this page-turning thriller

Mauve Bridger is climbing out of the frozen lake when the ice breaks beneath her and she falls into the water. She hauls herself back onto the ladder, but someone pushes her back down. She swims blindly through the icy depths, finally escaping to the far side of the lake, but the killers are waiting for her there. They take her back to her house, kneel on her chest, and cut her throat with her own skates.

First on the scene is L. C. Converse, a former racecar driver turned mechanic who happens to be on a date with the detective who catches Mauve’s case. L. C. witnessed her father’s murder five years ago, so finding Mauve on the floor brings back grisly memories—and this won’t be the last death. This quiet Connecticut town has been marked by murder, and to escape it, L. C. will have to race faster than she ever has before.

L. C. is a classic Richard Forrest hero: an ordinary woman in a deadly situation that spirals out of control. Forrest was an expert at writing realistic emotional thrillers, and The Killing Edge shows him at his best.

“Forrest has a nice, light hand, and his plotting is ingenious.” —The New York Times on Death Through the Looking Glass

“[A] superb novel of detection . . . An intricate plot intelligently controlled.” —Publishers Weekly on A Child’s Garden of Death

“The writing is stylish and the plotting swift and well knit: a pleasure.” —Booklist on The Pied Piper of Death

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