The Fourth Wall by Barbara Paul

The Fourth Wall by Barbara Paul

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A playwright searches the theater for a crazed saboteur 

Sylvia Markey sits in her dressing room, holding her cat’s head in her hands. Just the head—the body is nowhere to be found. This gruesome act of violence was committed just a few minutes before curtain, and Sylvia has no time to grieve. She collects herself, and gets ready to perform. She makes it halfway through the second act before her nerves get the best of her, and she vomits onstage. As the run continues, so does the sabotage, and the unknown troublemaker attacks actors, vandalizes the set, and hurls acid at one of the designers. To playwright Abigail James, the meaning is clear: Someone is trying to murder her play.

The police do all they can, but it will take someone who understands theater to unravel the mystery. This is a matter of revenge—and Abigail will settle it backstage.

“A boffo thriller . . . Superb.” —Publishers Weekly

“[Paul] exhibits astringent wit, style, and shrewd observation.” —Bookworld on Good King Sauerkraut

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