Lay On, Mac Duff! by Charlotte Armstrong

Lay On, Mac Duff! by Charlotte Armstrong

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This MacDougal Duff Mystery launched the career of the Edgar Award–winning “American queen of suspense novelists” (New York Telegraph).

Feeling unmoored since the death of her father, twenty-year-old Bessie Gibbon has left upstate New York to live with an aunt and uncle, Lina and Charles Cathcart, in their four-story Manhattan home. Bessie has heard tales about her eccentric uncle: that he was a millionaire theater magnate and the black sheep of the family, that his marriage to Lina was more of an arrangement than a matter of love, and most important, that he was an inveterate player of parlor games—but nothing prepares Bessie for the luxury in which he lives, the odd assortment of servants, or the cronies who can turn a late-night Parcheesi tournament into a blood sport. And that’s precisely what happens when one of them is shot to death after a particularly cutthroat game. Now there are whispers that it was Uncle Charles who pulled the trigger, and no one is all that surprised. Detective MacDougal Duff wants to know why.

When Duff’s investigation yields more secrets about the family than Bessie is comfortable with, she starts to fear for her safety. Especially when another of her uncle’s acquaintances is murdered—stabbed with a carving knife. If this is another one of her uncle’s games, Bessie can’t help but wonder who might be the next to lose.

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