Keeplock by Stephen Solomita (as David Cray)

Keeplock by Stephen Solomita (as David Cray)

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A repeat offender freshly sprung from prison tries to do the impossible: Stay out trouble

Peter Frangello hasn’t spent three straight years out of jail since he was sixteen. Now past thirty, he’s nearing parole when his prison block neighbor is burned alive in his cell, a vicious attack that was intended for Frangello himself. He spends his last week in protective custody, and when he is released back into the world he makes a resolution to stay clean—not for morality’s sake, but because if he goes back inside, the next hit won’t miss.

But for a man whose only skills are stealing and doing time, staying out of trouble is not easy. As old associates and an army of crooked cops put pressure on him, Frangello will find that, inside or out, he’s doomed to remain a prisoner for life.

“Solomita gives plenty of insider dope on the crime world and creates, in Frangello, an unexpectedly sympathetic unheroic hero.” —Publishers Weekly

“This gripping crime novel has the dirt of the city under its fingernails. But the big score here is the hero.” —The New York Times

“Suspenseful, nitty-gritty work.” —Library Journal

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