Keep the Baby, Faith by William DeAndrea

Keep the Baby, Faith by William DeAndrea

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Pregnant, hunted, and alone, a young woman turns to the only man who can help

Faith has just enough time to dodge the speeding car. She leaps backwards and falls onto the sidewalk, breaking her thumb in an attempt to protect her pregnant belly. When she picks herself up off the ground, the baby is safe, but Faith is anything but.

Desperate for help from someone she can trust, she turns to her old friend Harry Ross, a frustrated writer with a dead-end job at a prestigious New York paper. He’s hungry for adventure and about to get more than his fill. Faith claims that her dying husband’s family wants the baby dead, to protect their inheritance. She’s survived four attempts on her life over the past few days, and Harry must head off a fifth. When this week is over, Harry will have something he never expected: either a murdered girlfriend, or a family of three.

“A very nice job—well plotted, logical, lively.” —New York Times on Killed in the Ratings

“Fans of the traditional whodunit will gobble it up.” —Kirkus Reviews, on Killed in Fringe Time

“Recommended.” —Library Journal, on Killed in Fringe Time

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