In-Laws and Outlaws by Barbara Paul

In-Laws and Outlaws by Barbara Paul

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A widow returns to Boston to aid a family plagued by death

Gillian stopped being a Decker when her husband, Stuart, died, and she considers herself lucky to have escaped. The Deckers are ruthless, a family of power-hungry backstabbers who live for profit and sneer at love. Stuart was different, but even he obeyed his older brother Raymond like he was a god. Since she lost her husband, Gillian has tried to forget his family, until a notice in the paper brings it all rushing back. Raymond is dead, and the Decker empire is being washed away by blood.

When Raymond’s widow begs Gillian to come to Boston and help her prove that her husband was murdered, Gillian can’t deny her. Raymond was the fourth Decker to die in the last few months, just a few years after his son was kidnapped and killed. Someone is trying to wipe out the Deckers, and if Gillian doesn’t tread lightly, she may join her husband in death.

“A veteran author at her best . . . Grips the reader from start to finish.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Sparkling . . . [Paul] has mastered the art of writing comedy-mysteries.” —Boston Herald on But He Was Already Dead When I Got There

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