I, Anna by Elsa Lewin

I, Anna by Elsa Lewin

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Reeling from a divorce, a woman commits a brutal murder

Anna’s husband has left her, and he took their friends with him. Fifty years old and on her own for the first time in decades, Anna drifts through the world of Manhattan singles parties, where wrinkled women fight for the right to flirt with paunchy, middle-aged men. One night she lets herself be taken home by one of these flabby lotharios, but when the man wants more than ordinary sex, Anna snaps. She bashes his head in, hitting him over and over until his face is nothing but a bloody mess. The next morning, she doesn’t remember a thing.

The detective investigating the murder is transfixed by Anna, and they begin a hesitant love affair. But as more and more evidence points to Anna, and her memory of that fateful night comes creeping back, this budding romance may take a turn for the worse.

“Marriage, divorce, sexual animosity and isolation are the subjects of this fascinating, psychological suspense story.” —Library Journal

“A brilliant character study of a middle-aged woman who has lost her husband to a younger woman and her daughter to maturity.” —Booklist

“Freud would have loved this passion-hate tale of a desperate woman, a lonely detective, and a victim who demanded more than Anna could offer.” —Lucy Freeman, author of Fight Against Fears

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