First Gravedigger by Barbara Paul

First Gravedigger by Barbara Paul

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An unscrupulous antiques dealer asks a murderous favor of an old friend

In the city of Pittsburgh, Amos Speer is the king of antiques, and as heir apparent to his international empire, Earl Sommers is his prince. But Sommers is keen-eyed, ruthless, and not above cheating to stay on top. He steals from the company whenever he gets the chance, and has a standing invitation to Mrs. Speer’s bed. But when old man Speer turns on his former protégé, doing everything he can to drive him out of the business, Sommers’s thoughts turn to something truly priceless: revenge.

An old friend appears at Sommers’s doorstep, stinking of whiskey and intending to kill himself. Before he does, Sommers persuades him to undertake one last job: getting rid of Amos Speer. It should be the perfect crime—but Sommers is about to learn there’s no such thing as a simple murder.

“Paul is a highly skillful writer, and First Gravedigger should keep readers turning pages to the end.” —The New York Times

“Fast-moving.” —Library Journal

“An innovative, surprising narrative in which the murderer commands center stage.” —Booklist

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