Fare Play by Barbara Paul

Fare Play by Barbara Paul

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A pair of impossible murders leads Marian Larch to a ring of hired assassins

Virgil is a businessman, and his product is murder. With operatives scattered across New York, he needs only a few thousand dollars and a photo to erase an unsuspecting citizen from the earth. Virgil’s business is boutique, exclusive, and highly confidential. None of his killers know his face. None of them even know his last name. The system is perfect, unbreakable—until Virgil crosses Marian Larch, the toughest detective in the New York Police Department.

A retired businessman is shot with a silencer while riding a crosstown bus, and no one sees the gunman escape. A similar murder occurs on a packed subway car, but this time a witness gets a glimpse of the shooter. Larch doesn’t know it, but she’s just stumbled onto the strangest cases of her career. And while the invisible hitman will lead her to Virgil, the kingpin of murder won’t go down without a fight.

Fare Play is the 6th book in the Marian Larch Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

“Another nifty chapter in the casebook of policewoman Marian Larch.” —Publishers Weekly

“[Paul] exhibits astringent wit, style, and shrewd observation.” —Bookworld on Good King Sauerkraut

“Sparkling . . . [Paul] has mastered the art of writing comedy-mysteries.” —Boston Herald on But He Was Already Dead When I Got There

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