But He Was Already Dead When I Got There by Barbara Paul

But He Was Already Dead When I Got There by Barbara Paul

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When their unforgiving lender is murdered, a group of young jewelry associates jumps to a variety of deadly conclusions

When the partners of Ellandy Jewels accepted a loan to keep their store afloat, they had no idea that Vincent Farwell would make their lives a living hell. The rich old miser is as unforgiving as a loan shark, and he never misses a chance to remind them that they’re in his debt. Finally, Vincent demands full repayment of the loan—$1.5 million—in two weeks. He’ll get his money in blood.

When Vincent is found dead in his study, everyone with interest in Ellandy is a suspect. To find the real killer, the six associates will have to figure out just who can be trusted.

“Sparkling . . . [Paul] has mastered the art of writing comedy-mysteries.” —Boston Herald

“[Paul] exhibits astringent wit, style, and shrewd observation.” —Bookworld on Good King Sauerkraut

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