Mary, Mary, Shut the Door And Other Stories by Benjamin M. Schutz

Mary, Mary, Shut the Door And Other Stories by Benjamin M. Schutz

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Stories of murder, vengeance, and that dangerous feeling called love

When Derek Marshall meets Gina’s family, he doesn’t behave like a man in love. He can’t look his fiancée in the eye, instead ogling the maid or walking around the house examining furniture and tapestries with the greedy smirk of an insurance investigator. To expose this fortune hunter, Gina’s uncle hires private investigator Leo Haggerty, who soon finds that greed can overwhelm any kind of love.

The Edgar and Shamus Award–winning title story of this collection introduced the world to Leo Haggerty, the tortured star of six remarkable novels by Benjamin M. Schutz. “Mary, Mary, Shut the Door” is paired with a series of spellbinding tales of violence and deceit, starring sleuths from all walks of life, each marked by the gripping psychological realism that is Schutz’s trademark.

“Pitch perfect . . . Memorable . . . Sucks you in with the same cool professionalism as [a] serial killer.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Stunning . . . Schutz shows true genius in this one.” —Mystery Scene

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