The Incredible Schlock Homes by Robert L. Fish

The Incredible Schlock Homes by Robert L. Fish

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Twelve loving parodies of the great detective—each a masterpiece in its own right

The world-famous amateur detective Schlock Homes is making his way through breakfast when a telegram arrives. It takes but a moment’s deduction for the brilliant sleuth to determine that it was sent by a woman named Miss Wimpole, and that she is terribly upset. Homes knows this because the telegram reads, “I am terribly upset,” and is signed, “Miss Wimpole.” Miss Wimpole brings a case that stretches from the tombs of Egypt to the deserts of Mexico, with a stop at the racetrack in between, and it is but the first misadventure in this riotous collection of tales.

Whether chasing a counterfeit sovereign or an “Adam Bomb,” Schlock Homes and Dr. Watney never fail to have a marvelous time—even if they don’t quite catch their man.

“Unpardonably and outrageously funny . . . Small masterpieces of adroit and outrageous plotting.” —Anthony Boucher on the Bagel Street Mysteries

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