Hades & Hocus Pocus

Hades & Hocus Pocus

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Two classic noir novellas about young men who find trouble in mysterious jobs during the Great Depression

In Hades, Alexander Titus is a newcomer to Hollywood and a former Olympic decathlon star. Titus and friend Haw Gooch take work as bodyguards for erratic film producer Roger Quinlan, who insists he found Hades in a cavern in New Mexico, and is being stalked by a demon. The story sounds crazy, but when Titus is framed for murder, he realizes Quinlan’s alleged hell might be the one place where he can also find the truth.

In Hocus Pocus, two penniless traveling magicians respond to an ad for a mind-reader. The job is to infiltrate a group of evangelists who incorporate mind-reading into their preaching, and report back on the methods. But as they go to work, the air of danger is palpable, and questions arise both about their employers, and what exactly they’re investigating.

"[Dent's] stories were fantastic and showed a talent for invention that has not been surpassed by any other writer." —Frank Gruber, author of The Pulp Jungle

"The grand Old Pulp Pro...[Dent’s work is] fast, skillful, and happily unhackneyed." —Anthony Boucher, The New York Times

"The writers who hold their places in the lead of the adventure field are those who have taken the time to know their characters. One of the most thoroughgoing character builders in the pulp field is Lester Dent." —Writers Digest

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