Deadly Image by George H. Coxe

Deadly Image by George H. Coxe

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A couple of small favors land Flash Casey in a dangerous mess

Flash Casey should know better than to take a roll of film from a desperate man. Stopping for a drink on his way home from work, a fellow news photographer gives him a canister to safeguard. The next morning, Casey wakes up with gunmen in his bedroom, looking for the film that could implicate one of their associates in a killing. To save his friend’s life, Casey hands over the negatives, expecting that to be the end of it. He’s wrong.

A stockbroker named Donald Farrington spent the night at the same bar, getting into a different kind of trouble—the sort that ends with him being photographed in a hotel room with a woman who isn’t his wife. Casey agrees to help him navigate the blackmail, a friendly offer he’ll regret very soon.

“That professional’s professional, George Harmon Coxe, is in excellent form in Deadly Image.” - New York Times

“A lot of zing.” - Montreal Gazette 

“Coxe’s heroes are people who stick up for each other, easily inspire trust and confidence, and who are maybe just a little bit soft at heart.” - Mystery Fancier

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