Tender is LeVine by Andrew Bergman

Tender is LeVine by Andrew Bergman

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When their maestro is kidnapped, an orchestra hires Jack LeVine to find him

Jack LeVine has been in a vicious funk since his father died in 1948. But after more than a year sulking in his apartment, joylessly listening to ball games, news reports, and classical music programs on the radio, the private detective has gone back to work in his freshly renovated office. His depression has passed, but those months glued to the radio are about to come in handy.

His first client is a German violinist, who visits LeVine out of concern for his maestro, Toscanini, the famous conductor of the NBC Symphony Orchestra. The maestro’s memory is slipping, his conducting style has changed, and his eyesight is suddenly better than it used to be. The violinist suspects that the conductor has disappeared and been replaced by a double. It’s an outlandish suspicion, but LeVine takes the case. After all, somebody has to pay for his new office. Soon enough, LeVine finds out that organized crime is playing the tune.

“I love your new LeVine . . . the character and the feel of your books are terrific. I hope this one finds a wide audience, even beyond New York. After all, the others found me in the hinterlands long ago.” - Bill Clinton

“Private eye Jack LeVine is tough as nails, smart as hell, and deliciously funny. It’s great to have his company again!” -Susan Isaacs, author of Compromising Positions 

“Ratty, torn paperback copies of . . . The Big Kiss-Off of 1944 and Hollywood and LeVine are treated like spun gold by those lucky enough to have stumbled on them back in the day. Now [LeVine] has just been brought back to thrilling life.” - New York Post

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