Grave Doubt by Michael Allegretto

Grave Doubt by Michael Allegretto

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Lomax chases an accountant who has come back from the dead to blackmail his widow

The plane went down outside Tucson, and all aboard were burned beyond recognition. The sole passenger was Martin Blyleven, an accountant employed by a Colorado televangelist with shady business partners, but the death was ruled an accident, and $400,000 in insurance money went to the widow. Four years later, she begins getting phone calls from a man claiming to be Martin. He has risen from the dead, but unlike the saints in his old boss’s sermons, he has come back demanding cash.

Private investigator Jacob Lomax is hired to find out who is impersonating Blyleven, and how he learned the private details that make his act so convincing. But when the TV preacher’s criminal backers get wind of the investigation, they come down hard on Lomax. If he can’t wrap this up quickly, he may be in need of a resurrection of his own.

“Quick with his fists, dead accurate with his gun, the (sometimes) personable Lomax makes for solid P.I. reading.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The fifth Lomax mystery is the real deal for PI fans: tough, funny, and surprisingly sensitive.” —Booklist

“Lomax is as charming as ever.” —Publishers Weekly

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