Azrael by Wiliam DeAndrea

Azrael by Wiliam DeAndrea

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Allan Trotter goes head to head with the Angel of Death

Allan Trotter’s counter-espionage service began at birth: His father, the head of an ultra-secret intelligence wing of the US government, deliberately conceived him with a gorgeous Russian spy. Raised to navigate a crooked world, Trotter was immersed in deception, danger, and narrow escapes. He’s a perfectly honed agent, but he desperately wants a normal life.

Trotter is pulled out of his life of seclusion, though, when the Russian spy outfit Cronus sends their Angel of Death, Azreal, to a sleepy town in Upstate New York to knock off innocent people. The aim? To scare back a stray agent: Petra Hudson, now the happy CEO of a media conglomerate worth billions, who has put her spying past behind her—or so she thinks. Ignorant of her mother’s double life, Hudson’s daughter, Regina, a newspaper editor, has unknowingly alerted the Agency. And since fighting Cronus is the one thing that can give Trotter’s life meaning, when he learns that Regina—a kindred victim of the organization—is at risk, the stakes feel even more crucial.

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