Suspects by William J. Caunitz

Suspects by William J. Caunitz

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A double murder leads a cop into the darkest corners of the NYPD

In Greenpoint, everyone comes to Yetta’s. A candy store one block west of McGoldrick Park, it’s a neighborhood landmark, the place where Brooklynites come to sip a soda, buy a paper, and argue about gentrification. But when Lt. Joe Gallagher comes by to drop off a birthday cake for Yetta, he doesn’t notice the homeless man standing outside. Gallagher has just handed over the cake when the man enters, drops his shopping bag, and pulls out a shotgun. The lieutenant doesn’t have time to reach his revolver before he’s blown away. Yetta is the next to die.

Investigating the double homicide, Det. Lt. Tony Scanlon discovers that Gallagher was more than an ordinary hard-drinking, hardworking Irish cop. And as more killings follow, Scanlon knows that this will be a summer of blood for the NYPD.

“[Caunitz’s] knowledge of life inside an urban police force is extraordinary.” —The New York Times

“Caunitz gives us the authentic stink and hustle of precinct police work.” —John D. MacDonald, creator of the Travis McGee series, on One Police Plaza

“The action builds with such intensity you’ll race to finish One Police Plaza—then immediately regret there aren’t hundreds more pages to read.” —New York Daily News on One Police Plaza

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