Pigtown by William J. Caunitz

Pigtown by William J. Caunitz

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A made man’s murder unveils corruption of the vilest kind

The room is littered with rotting food, the refrigerator emptied to make room for the corpse. Det. Joe Borrelli finds Beansy Rutolo’s body squeezed into the icebox, the frozen expression on his face suggesting he died begging for his life. But Borrelli has seen worse. Brooklyn’s 71st Precinct sits in the middle of Pigtown, a longtime mafia hangout that seems to get more dangerous every year. Once, the murder of a made guy like Beansy would have drawn reporters and detectives from all over town. Now, it’s just another homicide.

The police, the media, and the mob are all happier with Beansy dead, but Lt. Matthew Stuart won’t let the killing go. His father owed Beansy a debt, and Stuart plans on repaying it. But when the murder leads him toward the corrupt underbelly of the NYPD, Stuart will have to ask himself what’s more important—justice or brotherhood?

“The gritty realism . . . reflects the more than two decades [Caunitz] spent with the NYPD. Caunitz’s cops sound and act like the real thing.” —Publishers Weekly

“Caunitz gives us the authentic stink and hustle of precinct police work.” —John D. MacDonald, creator of the Travis McGee series, on One Police Plaza

“[Caunitz’s] knowledge of life inside an urban police force is extraordinary.” —The New York Times on Suspects

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