Off Minor by John Harvey

Off Minor by John Harvey

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Two months after she disappears, a six-year-old child is found dead

Raymond Cooke is looking for revenge, not corpses. It’s been six weeks since the gang of four young punks attacked him, since the one with the knife slit open his belly and left him to die on the street. After that Raymond bought a knife of his own, and has spent his nights lurking in Nottingham’s worst pubs, hoping for a chance at vengeance. Instead, walking home one night, he encounters a smell that reminds him of his work at the abattoir. It’s coming from the body of Gloria Summers.

For over two months, police inspector Charlie Resnick has looked for the missing six-year-old. Now that she’s been found, Raymond Cooke becomes Resnick’s chief suspect. But to find the killer, the disheveled detective may have to look within the girl’s own family.

“[Harvey] isolates his characters and then strips them to the psychic bone.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Off Minor is a police procedural story plotted on acts of gross inhumanity yet infused with common humanity. These characters are breathing entities, so convincing and so compelling that crime detection and absorbing personal dramas become one and the same.” —New York Daily News

“Harvey’s police procedurals are in a class by themselves—near Dickensian in their portrayal of human frailty, cinematic in their quick changes of scene and character, totally convincing in their plotting and motivation.” —Kirkus Reviews

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