Montezuma's Man by Jerome Charyn

Montezuma's Man by Jerome Charyn

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The Justice Department hires Sidel’s new chauffer to spy on the New York Police Department’s commissioner

Joey Barbarossa likes being a cop, because it makes dealing drugs easier. Any time a fellow pusher gives him trouble, Joey’s detective badge and police-issue Glock have a way of making the problem disappear. He’s also protected by his mentor, NYPD Commissioner Isaac Sidel, but there’s nothing even Sidel can do when Barbarossa makes the mistake of rubbing out a dealer with ties to the Justice Department. For compensation, Justice demands Barbarossa start spying on Sidel, who’s just made him his personal chauffer. The drug-dealing detective can’t say no.

Sidel is preparing for a run at the mayor’s office, but before his campaign kicks off he has to deal with two mob bosses who want him dead. He and Barbarossa don ski masks and start holding up mafia establishments, but as the pressure rises and the friendship frays, the only question is which cop will turn on the other first.

“Charyn traces overwrought storylines in foul, funny language while weaving crime and violence, love, honor and betrayal . . . into a compelling chaotic unity.” - Publishers Weekly

“Not for the fainthearted . . . but another bracing immersion in the most sustained attempt to date to create a personal mythology out of a police hero.” - Kirkus Reviews

“He writes like greased lightning.” - Time Out 

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