Maria's Girls by Jerome Charyn

Maria's Girls by Jerome Charyn

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In debt to the mob, Sidel’s sidekick brings hell to One Police Plaza

For Detective Caroll Brent, special attention from Commissioner Sidel is not a good thing. Sidel’s last pet detective, Manfred Coen, was killed by a gang of smugglers, and none of Sidel’s favorites have had good luck since. But when Sidel taps Brent for an unusual assignment, the young cop can’t refuse.

As part of a feud with the head of the Board of Education, Sidel turns Brent into a one-man special task force to patrol the city’s schools. The lonely, miserable, dangerous work is not Brent’s only trouble. Ever since he made the mistake of marrying an heiress, he has been spending like mad to keep up with her lifestyle, borrowing money from the mob to keep himself in tuxedos on a detective’s salary. When his money runs out, it’s Sidel who will have to cover the debt.

“Mesmerizing . . . vivid . . . blackly comedic. . . . Nobody else on the planet writes like Mr. Charyn.” - Los Angeles Times

“Another Dantesque vision of the hell that is contemporary New York City. . . . Charyn's newest dark and frenetic tale sings with the lingo of the streets.” - Publishers Weekly

“The James Joyce of the police novel is at it again.” - Kirkus Reviews

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