Mannequin by J. Robert Janes

Mannequin by J. Robert Janes

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A young girl vanishes, leaving nothing behind but a pile of nude photos

Since the Germans occupied Paris, police inspector Jean-Louis St-Cyr has not been able to work a murder, robbery, or arson case without his German overlords demanding he work faster. His partner, Bavarian detective Hermann Kohler, does not share the sadism of many of his Gestapo colleagues, but he, too, has an obsession with speed. Their latest case calls for a sprint. For if they don’t work quickly, a girl will die.

Joanne was a neighbor of St-Cyr’s who answered a modeling ad and never came home. By the time St-Cyr and Kohler break down the door of the supposed agency, all that remains are snapshots of Joanne and others posing naked at gunpoint. Complicating their search is a massive bank robbery perpetrated the day Joanne disappeared. If they can find the connection between the two crimes, the girl will be safe—or at least as safe as a Parisian can be in the winter of 1942.

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