Little Angel Street by Jerome Charyn

Little Angel Street by Jerome Charyn

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A month before he becomes New York City’s mayor, Sidel confronts a gang of baseball-loving racists

For the first time in his adult life, Isaac Sidel is no longer a cop. He has moved beyond the halls of One Police Plaza, and is about to take residence in Gracie Mansion, after winning New York’s mayoral election in a landslide. Unable to bear his downtown apartment without his girlfriend—who is in Europe confronting her Nazi-tinged past—the increasingly paranoid mayor-elect has set up shop in a homeless shelter under the name Geronimo Jones. His aides roust him from his hiding spot and have returned him to work when he gets a call from the shelter: Geronimo Jones is dead.

A gang of white supremacists roams the city, murdering shelter residents and marking them with Sidel’s alias. They leave notes with each victim, signing them with the names of nineteenth-century baseball players. Mayors don’t go armed, but Sidel isn’t the mayor yet. He and his Glock will settle this problem before he takes his oath of office.

“The joyous weirdness of Charyn's idiosyncratic New York City can't be described-it must be experienced.” - Publishers Weekly

“A pace that makes MTV seem slow . . . clever deduction . . . great literary farce.” - Washington Post Book World

“Jerome Charyn is one of the most important writers in American literature.” - Michael Chabon

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