Ground Money by Rex Burns

Ground Money by Rex Burns

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An old cowboy asks Gabe for help with his estranged sons

Book 7 in the Gabe Wager series

When he was a teenager, Gabe Wager and his friends in the Denver barrio had no greater idol than Vaquero Tommy Sanchez. One of the rare Mexicans to break through into professional rodeo, Sanchez was a hero to every Hispanic boy with dreams of making it in a white man’s world. By the time Sanchez’s star faded, Wager was away with the Marine Corps, enduring terrors but supported by his memories of hot, dusty rodeo days.

Now the old barrio has been bulldozed, Wager is a homicide detective, and Sanchez is little more than a memory of faded glory. The retired cowboy’s estranged sons are following in his footsteps, and he fears they may have fallen in with a bad crowd. He asks Wager to find them and keep them out of trouble. Wager agrees, even though rogue police work could cost him his badge. What man could ever refuse his boyhood hero?

“Burns has never written better and has never had a better story to tell.” - New Yorker

“In the course of the investigation, Wager and the reader are given a quick course in the organization and economics of the rodeo. It's fascinating.” - Newsday

"Characters large and small (a ranch cook, a rodeo secretary) are vividly, economically sketched. . . . The distinction between crime-writing and the straight novel grows dimmer than ever in a book as carefully observed as Ground Money.” - Los Angeles Times

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