Easy Meat by John Harvey

Easy Meat by John Harvey

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A teenage thug goes to prison when a simple robbery turns bloody

Nicky Snape likes robbing old people. The fifteen-year-old snatches shirts from stores, purses from his teachers, and as much money as he can lift from his mother. But for an easy score he knows no better target than the elderly. When he sneaks into the home of Eric and Doris Netherfield, his footsteps wake the old couple. With a piece of steel railing he keeps by the bed for protection, Eric attempts to defend his home. He fails. Nicky fights back, battering them both to within an inch of their lives.

Nottingham police inspector Charlie Resnick knows Nicky Snape, and doesn’t hesitate to arrest him. But what should be the end of the crime is only the beginning, as Snape’s arrest sparks a chain reaction of rape, suicide, and murder.

“At his best, the crime novel illuminates the society we live in, showing us the painful truths that lie just outside our peripheral vision. When he is on form, no one does the British police procedural better than John Harvey. In Easy Meat, he has hit a peak seldom achieved by any writer, inside the genre or out.” —Manchester Evening News

“The ending, a ghastly example of the circularity of viciousness, is devastating. Yes, Harvey has his finger on the pulse all right.” —Time Out

“This novel has joy, warmth and extreme violence: the compulsion to turn the page is almost painful.” —The Mail on Sunday

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