Cleopatra Gold by William J. Caunitz

Cleopatra Gold by William J. Caunitz

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An undercover cop does all he can to survive as killers close in

A hotel maid enters the empty room, changes the towels, and takes the painting off the wall. Stealthily, she replaces it with an identical picture, different only in that it contains sophisticated audiovisual equipment that transmits to the next room. There, two men watch on a monitor and unpack a pair of Uzis. They are backup for a pair of undercover cops who have spent the last ten months infiltrating the city’s most powerful drug ring. But when the bullets start to fly, backup won’t be enough.

The bungled operation leaves three cops dead and the NYPD’s undercover network in shambles. As the group tries to pick up the pieces, it falls to deep-cover operative Alejandro Monahan to put things right. After years covertly infiltrating the Cleopatra network of drug smugglers, Monahan understands the unlimited reach of the cartels better than anyone. But can he escape death’s grasp?

“Caunitz gives us the authentic stink and hustle of precinct police work.” —John D. MacDonald, creator of the Travis McGee series, on One Police Plaza

“The action builds with such intensity you’ll race to finish One Police Plaza—then immediately regret there aren’t hundreds more pages to read.” —New York Daily News on One Police Plaza

“[Caunitz’s] knowledge of life inside an urban police force is extraordinary.” —The New York Times on Suspects

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