Citizen Sidel by Jerome Charyn

Citizen Sidel by Jerome Charyn

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On the eve of a White House run, Sidel cleans up a mess in his old backyard

Tired of being led by weaklings, the American people have fallen in love with J. Michael Storm and Isaac Sidel, the lawyer and the New York mayor who saved the country from the worst baseball strike in history. The Democratic National Convention is at Madison Square Garden, and when Storm is nominated for the presidency, he’s going to put the eccentric, gun-toting Sidel at the bottom of the ticket. But before Sidel can take his shot at the White House, he has a few loose ends to tie up.

He’s most preoccupied with a father-and-son detective team suspected of running a murder-for-hire operation that went south, resulting in the father shooting his son. Sidel suspects there’s more to the story, and until he’s gotten to the bottom of it, the vice presidency will have to wait.

“Jerome Charyn is one of the most important writers in American literature.” - Michael Chabon

“A contemporary American Balzac.” - Newsday 

“Absolutely unique among American writers.” - Los Angeles Times

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