By Reason of Insanity by James Neal Harvey

By Reason of Insanity by James Neal Harvey

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A troubled homicide cop chases a killer with an artistic sensibility

Marketing executive Peter Barrows spends his nights scouring Greenwich Village for wannabe models. He lures them back to his studio with promises of stardom, getting their hopes up just before he snaps their necks. Then his work begins, arranging their corpses to be photographed, giving them the grace and poise they never possessed in life. Peter Barrows is an artist—and death is his medium.

A hard-bitten cop with a secret in his past, Ben Tolliver is obsessed with the Greenwich Village murders. After the third girl is found, he throws himself wholeheartedly into the search for the killer with the camera. Barrows believes that an artist must be willing to sacrifice anything for his work—and as Tolliver is about to find, bringing a crazed killer to justice demands nothing less.

“A gripping, tautly written thriller.” —Orlando Sentinel on Flesh and Blood

“Pounding pace . . . [A] chilling and memorable thriller.” —Publishers Weekly

“[Harvey] writes with a swift simplicity that urges the reader through an entirely plausible nightmare.” —Chicago Tribune

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