Paradise Man by Jerome Charyn

Paradise Man by Jerome Charyn

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A stylish killer makes the mistake of befriending a god

Though he doesn’t know mink from sable, Sidney Holden is the most important employee at Aladdin Furs. He is a bumper, a well-dressed killer who collects the debts that cannot be paid, and Aladdin would be nothing without him. After all, fur is murder.

As Cuban refugees flood the United States, the New York criminal class is rocked by the appearance of a Santería sect that hails a young girl as the newest incarnation of Changó, their bloodthirsty thunder god. But after a routine hit, Holden finds the girl cowering under the kitchen table—a divine witness to a double murder. Unable to kill her, he takes her with him, sparking an all-out turf war so vicious that Holden will be happy to have any god on his side.

“[A] strange blend of fantasy and thriller.” —Library Journal

“Offbeat, interesting characters, seedy urban settings and distinctive prose.” —Publishers Weekly

“Mr. Charyn has a genius for the political complexity of human alliances. His gallery of lethal lowlifes and highlifes is picturesque. His novel belches incident and character in machine-gun bursts of colorful, declarative sentences.” —New York Times

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