Elsinore by Jerome Charyn

Elsinore by Jerome Charyn

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A hitman comes out of retirement to rescue his kidnapped fiancée

Since he stopped killing for money, Sidney Holden has tried to live discreetly. He takes an apartment in the Copenhagen, a few blocks from where John Lennon died, and attempts to make a new life with his fiancée Fay, former daughter-in-law of the district attorney. As the quiet months pass, Fay grows distant, suicidal, and finally disappears, removed by the D.A. to a mental hospital where Sidney cannot reach her.

A billionaire ex-gangster named Phipps offers to help Sidney get her back. Hungry for a last taste of action, the 92 year-old Phipps hires Sidney to run a counterfeiting scheme. But the closer Sidney gets to Phipps’ operation, the less he trusts the old man. With the D.A. and the mafia closing on him, Sidney may not stay alive long enough to rescue his darling from her prison.

“Semifantastic . . . wacky but delightful. . . . Charyn's polished pacing fuels the exuberantly complicated plot.” —Publishers Weekly 

“Jerome Charyn is one of the most important writers in American literature.” —Michael Chabon

“He writes like greased lightning.” —Time Out 

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