The Glendower Legacy by Thomas Gifford

The Glendower Legacy by Thomas Gifford

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Ancient treason threatens to ignite a new skirmish in the Cold War

It’s January, 1778, and William Davis is standing guard for the Continental Army at Valley Forge when he witnesses something sickening: an American selling intelligence to the British. The meeting goes wrong, three men die, and William flees the scene, leaving a swatch of his uniform behind. The next day he’s arrested, tried, and executed for treason as part of a monstrous cover-up to protect the identity of the officer who tried to sell out the American Revolution: General George Washington himself.

Two centuries later, a descendent of Davis finds evidence of Washington’s betrayal. Before he can announce his findings, he’s murdered by KGB agents hoping to use the information to embarrass the United States. But the crucial document vanishes, and the only man who can secure it is Nat Underhill, a Harvard professor who truly must publish or perish.

“A roller coaster ride of electrifying adventure and chilling suspense.” —Philadelphia Bulletin

“Escape reading at its best.” —New York Times

“One of the most robust and intelligent thriller writers of the past two decades.” —Publishers Weekly

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Thomas Eugene Gifford gained international fame with the crime novel The Glendower Legacy, which was made into a movie in 1981 under the name Dirty Tricks.