The McDead by Ken Bruen

The McDead by Ken Bruen

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Chief Inspector Roberts combs London for the bloodthirsty psychopath who killed his brother

Book Three of The White Trilogy

When Tommy got out of prison, he decided to become Irish. He changed his last name to Logan, moved to southeast London, and started toting a hurley—an ash stick that’s as big as a baseball bat and twice as deadly. This faux-Irish killer quickly distinguished himself as one of the south side’s smartest: a master of money laundering, front corporations, and keeping out of the way of the cops. His only weakness is his temper—and it’s about to bring his empire tumbling down.

The latest target of Tommy Logan’s rage is Tony Roberts, a wasted lowlife. But the victim’s brother is one of the meanest cops in London. Chief Inspector Roberts is the last man to see Tony alive, and he promises to avenge his brother. Logan is about to find out that no hurley is hard enough to break the word of a determined cop.

“Hip, violent and funny.” —Publishers Weekly

“This stuff smokes like cordite.” —Booklist

“The most striking and original crime novels of the decade.” —British GQ

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