The Nostradamus Traitor by John Gardner

The Nostradamus Traitor by John Gardner

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A widow’s plea sucks a spy into the web of a decades-old plot against the Third Reich

Though she approaches the guard at the Tower of London like any other tourist, Frau Fenderman’s question does not concern the crown jewels. She wants to know where her husband, a Nazi spy captured in 1941, was executed and buried. The inquiry is passed on to Big Herbie Kruger, an aging spy who is smart enough to know that, three decades after war’s end, the darkest secrets are yet to be told.

A massive man whose heavy features obscure a nimble intelligence, Kruger loves drink, Mahler, and espionage. Digging into Fenderman’s story, he uncovers a staggering plot against the life of one of Hitler’s right-hand men—a scheme whose failure nearly lost England the war. As he uncovers more about this forgotten operation, Kruger finds that the oldest secrets are sometimes the most lethal.

“The spy novel in excelsis.” —The Times (London)

“[Gardner] has a first-rate intelligence chief in Big Herbie Kruger.” —The Daily Telegraph

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