Fadeaway by R.D. Rosen

Fadeaway by R.D. Rosen

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Now a private investigator, Blissberg scours locker rooms and back alleys for two missing basketball stars

After retiring from baseball, Harvey Blissberg hung out a shingle in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as a private detective with a taste for the less savory side of sports. When key players from the Boston Celtics and the Washington Bullets go AWOL, Blissberg quickly becomes the two teams’ number-one draft choice to find them. What can a born-again black forward and a white point guard whose nickname is “Toot ’n’ Shoot” have in common?

When both of the missing players turn up dead, Harvey searches desperately for the link between them. The hunt leads him back to the city he thought he’d left behind—Providence, Rhode Island—and an unholy deal struck years ago between two of the city’s most powerful figures. If he doesn’t work quickly, Blissberg may be stuck holding the ball when the final buzzer sounds.

“This author’s brief, brilliant career proves that our national tradition of detective fiction gets tougher with exercise—remembering that the toughest muscle in the human body is the heart.” —The New York Times Book Review

“A diverting, often witty, and well-considered novel.” —The New Yorker

“Rosen peoples his pages with characters that seem real, that sound real when they talk. He writes with sensitivity and humor and on top of that, he has a good sense of suspense….Sign me up for the Richard Rosen fan club.” —Phildelphia Daily News

“Like its predecessor, Fadeaway is a brilliant, funny and sometimes sad novel, full of characters so real and affecting that we kept thinking about them long after we’d finished the book.” —The Denver Post

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