The Dante Game by Jane Langton

The Dante Game by Jane Langton

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Drugs, murder, and the Catholic Church confound Homer’s trip to Florence

When the Pope issues a sweeping edict calling for a yearlong war on drugs, no one is more surprised than the Vatican to find the campaign a success. In every Catholic corner of the world, young people throw down their needles to pick up crosses. In Florence, thousands of them converge on the Duomo to thank Christ for their newfound commitment to sobriety. Nearly everyone is relieved by this development—save for Leonardo Bindo, banker and druglord. To get his business back on track, he seizes upon a simple plan: Kill the Pope.

Standing in his way is Homer Kelly, transcendentalist scholar and occasional detective. In Florence to teach at a new international university, Homer stumbles on Bindo’s scheme while investigating the disappearance of a beautiful young student. His Italian may be lousy, but Homer is the only man who can save Italy from itself.

“Civilized, literary. . . . With characteristic wit (and pen-and-ink illustrations), Langton creates a love song to the architectural and cultural richness of Florence.” —Publishers Weekly

“As voluptuously detailed as any armchair traveler might desire . . . [Langton’s] exuberant wit runs riot.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Delightful and always beguiling.” —The Boston Globe

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