Hitler is Alive! edited by Steven A. Westlake

Hitler is Alive! edited by Steven A. Westlake

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From the sensational files of the National Police Gazette, the shocking evidence of Hitler’s escape from the ruins of the Reich

As the Allied armies closed in on Berlin, the Nazi high command scrambled to escape their shattered city. On May 1, 1945, reports went out that Adolf Hitler and his mistress, Eva Braun, committed suicide in an underground bunker—but their bodies were never found. In this landmark exposé by the legendary National Police Gazette, the truth is finally told. As peace fell across Europe, two U-Boats made mad dashes for Argentina, remaining underwater for weeks at a time to evade detection. In their incredible journeys lies the shocking secret of how the greatest mass murderer in history escaped punishment for his crimes.

In the aftermath of World War II, the Police Gazette ruthlessly investigated any rumor of Hitler’s survival in South America. Hitler Is Alive! is a true epic of twentieth-century sensationalism.

"Ridiculous alt-history fun." —Booklist

“[The Police Gazette uncovered] the low life that existed just slightly below the veneer of Victorian respectability.” —Tom Wolfe

“The most popular magazine in the country . . . [the Police Gazette] was what the sweaty, grimy, wash-on-Saturday-night type of a guy used to read, and it called a spade a spade.” —Gene Smith, editor of the collected Police Gazette

“The Bible of the barbershop.” —The New York Times

“Lewd and lascivious.” —Frank C. Walker, United States Postmaster General (1940–45)

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