Girl Running by Lawrence Lariar

Girl Running by Lawrence Lariar

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Mon dieu! American detective Steve Conacher’s pursuit of a missing heiress in Paris becomes a case of murder—with a Gallic twist

When popular cartoonist Lawrence Lariar decided to moonlight as a mystery writer, creating comic book artist turned amateur sleuth Homer Bull was a natural. From the 1940s through the 1960s, Lariar continued to switch from sketching caricatures to sketchy characters, writing hardboiled crime fiction under his own name as well as the pseudonyms Michael Stark, Adam Knight, Michael Lawrence, and Marston La France, and creating a series of memorable gumshoes. Now his classic whodunits are available as ebooks.

When wealthy and naïve American art student Judy Martin flees the states to find succès in Paris, she’s followed by a relentless paramour eager to marry into money. Now PI Steve Conacher’s been hired to tail both of them—and cut the shady romance short. But someone beats him to it. Lover boy’s been found cut to ribbons on the banks of the Seine. And Judy has vanished without a trace.

From scouring the backstreet bistros in Montmartre to tangling with unflics to playing in the pleasure-seeking circles of the missing girl’s private life, Conacher is running headlong into danger. Because one by one, his contacts are being picked off. Now Conacher isn’t sure if he’s searching for a terrified runaway—or a fetching fugitive with so much to hide it’s criminal.

Girl Running is the 7th book in the PI Steve Conacher Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.