Washington Post recommends The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories

Over at The Washington Post, Michael Dirda has put together a list of great book-related holiday gift suggestions, with Otto Penzler's The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories front and center! 

Here's what Dirda says about the collection:

As fans of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman prepare for the Jan. 1 broadcast of “The Abominable Bride,” they might want to spend some time, before and after, in regaling themselves with these earlier, uncanonical adventures of the sleuth of Baker Street. In this super-sized volume, Otto Penzler — owner of New York’s Mysterious Bookshop, member of the Baker Street Irregulars and a leading scholar of detective fiction — gathers dozens of Sherlockian parodies, pastiches and works of homage, both reverent and decidedly irreverent. Stories range from Vincent Starrett’s classic “The Adventure of the Unique Hamlet” and S.C. Roberts’s “The Strange Case of the Megatherium Thefts,” through P.G. Wodehouse’s “From a Detective’s Notebook” and Robert L. Fish’s pun-filled “The Adventure of the Ascot Tie,” to Poul Anderson’s “The Martian Crown Jewels,” Laurie R. King’s “Mrs. Hudson’s Case” and Neil Gaiman’s “The Case of Death and Honey.” The final deduction is all too obvious: Anyone who loves Holmes and Watson will want to own this book.

Signed copies are available in paperback, hardcover, or hardcover UK import from The Mysterious Bookshop. You can see Dirda's other suggestions here

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