The Gourmet Detective on TV

Peter King's Gourmet Detective series is now airing as a made-for-TV movie on The Hallmark Channel! The film, which stars Dylan Neal and Brooke Burns, preserves many of the themes of King's beloved series, but places the detective in San Francisco, where his cases of culinary murder occur alongside delectable new American cuisines.

Check The Hallmark Channel's website for showtimes and information. 

For those unfamiliar with King's series, it follows a London-based detective whose palate is as sharp as his mind. Sometimes he consults with chefs to help them improve their menus; at others, he investigates cases of restaurant intrigue. In either case he uses his encyclopedic knowledge of all things edible to save the day.

You can learn more about Peter King on his author page, where you'll find the Gourmet Detective novels in eBook form. 

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