Stephen Greenleaf comes to eBook

Hardboiled fans rejoice: We’ve just added fourteen Stephen Greenleaf novels to our eBook collection, including the John Marshall Tanner series!

Tanner is a San Francisco-lawyer who, fed up with the judicial system and with the world in general, takes up work as a private investigator.

Grave Error is the first title in the series, but they need not be read in any particular order. The novels are literary, socially-aware, and highly entertaining. And Greenleaf, a retired lawyer and a graduate of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, knows his subject matter well.

Here’s publisher Otto Penzler on Greenleaf’s work:

Of the great private eye writers of the 1970s and 1980s, my two favorite were James Crumley and Stephen Greenleaf. When I read GRAVE ERROR, Greenleaf’s first novel, I wrote him the first fan letter I’d written to anyone after the one I wrote to Mickey Mantle when I was eleven. Like Crumley’s masterpiece, THE LAST GOOD KISS, which has one of the most quoted paragraphs of any crime novel since Raymond Chandler’s RED WIND, GRAVE ERROR opens with a memorable and poetic first paragraph that resonated with me for years. John Marshall Tanner, his hero, is a lawyer who essentially works as a private eye, and who you will remember as a sensitive man of extraordinary integrity. I envy those who will get to read Stephen Greenleaf for the first time.

For more information on this excellent series, check out the John Marshall Tanner page on The Thrilling Detective. Or explore Greenleaf’s page here at

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