Stellar review of J. Robert Janes's THE SLEEPER!

The Globe and Mail has a fantastic review up of The Sleeper by J. Robert Janes, saying the book combines "great history with excellent action."

Here's the full review, which you can find on their website here:

J. Robert Janes, of Toronto, is best known for his excellent series set in occupied France during the Second World War that features the duo of Kohler (Gestapo) and St-Cyr (Surêté). The combination of good historical research and excellent characters has kept his series fresh for more than 10 books. Now, in The Sleeper, he opens what I hope will be a new series with the introduction of David Ashby, ex-soldier, American ex-pat, British schoolmaster and husband to a Nazi. It’s 1938 and the war that paused in 1918 is about to explode again. Ashby fought the Germans during the Great War and then surprised himself by falling in love with the country and one woman in particular. They married and had a child, Karen, but the rise of Hitler ended the marriage and Ashby went to Britain to teach. But, discovering his ex-in-laws were indoctrinating Karen, Ashby kidnapped her and stashed her with a family in Cornwall. That puts him in the Nazis’ crosshairs, and a sleeper agent is sent to the school to kill Ashby and take Karen back to Germany. The opening, which has to cover a lot of backstory, is a bit slow, but don’t worry: Janes makes up for it all once the plot gets moving. Once again, he combines great history with excellent action. Well done.

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