Seven Haughton Murphy novels, now available as eBooks!

Available today: Seven reissued titles from Haughton Murphy! The books, written pseudonymously by James H. Duffy, follow Reuben Frost, a retired Wall Street lawyer with an appetite for martinis, fine dining, and a good mystery. Try as he might to avoid trouble, Frost repeatedly finds himself drawn to the allure of a murder scene, using his knowledge of Wall Street to navigate its most shadowy regions.

That Duffy channels his own past life as a lawyer is evident in the novels, which harness an insider’s understanding of Wall Street life. In many of the books, Frost takes a case to help out his old law firm, Chase & Ward, or one of their clients. This insider's perspective was praised by Kirkus Reviews, which called “Murphy's sketches of Wall Street law-life ... shrewd, deglamorizing, [and] drily amusing."

But the books aren’t only concerned with finance. In Murder Takes a Partner, Frost investigates a deadly conspiracy in the ballet world. In A Very Venetian Murder, he investigates high fashion after the murder of a top designer interrupts his Venice vacation. No matter the subject, though, Frost’s detection discovers unexpected results, in a satisfying and humorous mystery.

The newest Houghton Murphy mystery,, will be out in paperback and eBook in July. In the meantime, dig into this delightful set of Reuben Frost mysteries!

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